Imagine a Time When Your Faith Could Be Fatal

Catalyst Theatre Company has been waiting 15 years for the right time to present Catacombs by Paul McCusker.  Our culture in the United State – even all over the world – has become increasingly antagonistic towards people of faith in general and Christians in particular.  For much of this year, Pastor Joe Fuiten of Cedar Park Church has been preaching out of the book of Daniel comparing what God revealed through Daniel to our culture today.


It is an unspecified date in the future, and Christianity has been outlawed.  A small group of believers is on the run from their totalitarian government.  Hidden in an abandoned church by members of an underground movement, the eight Christians of varying degrees of faith fight, starve, and wonder if their faith is worth the torment they are suffering.  “Catacombs” provides a sobering look at the realities of Christian belief in an unaccepting society.


We are pleased to be partnering with Cedar Park Church in Bothell to produce Catacombs on their main stage on the following dates:

Day Date Time
Friday November 13th 7:30 pm
Saturday November 14th 7:30 pm
Sunday November 15th 6:00 pm

There will be no charge for performances although an offering will be received.

External Information

For more information about getting involved or performances, contact David and Michelle Potter at or at 425-770-2890.

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