A Light in the Attic

The World Premiere

Written and directed by Tom Diffee who also wrote Katie’s Hope, A Light in the Attic presents a fun holiday musical for the whole family.

Set in two time periods a hundred or so years apart, A Light in the Attic tells a story of dealing with uncertainty in a changing world.  In the present day, Jeff Williams is dealing with being laid off due to changing requirements when he stumbles on an old diary in his attic written by his great grandfather John MacFie.  As it turns out, John is going through a crisis of his own as he has to figure out how to raise money to keep his company going without laying people off.

Set in 1899 with rich Victorian-era costumes and sets and all the music of that era, A Light in the Attic is a fun but thoughtful look at what happens when we are faced with changing times.


All performances will be offered on the main stage at Cedar Park Church in Bothell, WA.

Day Date Time
Thursday November 17 7:30 pm
Friday November 18 7:30 pm
Saturday November 19 7:30 pm
Sunday November 20 6:00 pm