Theatre has the ability to transport you to another place or another time, to put you in someone else’s shoes, to see things from a different perspective, to help you connect with the the things that matter most in a unique way. This can be so powerful when you see how immigrants faced with death and loss as they cross the Atlantic find a better life in a new land, how a man who has lost his wife is encouraged to enjoy the family that remains with him, or how hope is restored to a family in the midst of a terrifying war. Sometimes all we need is to laugh a little, while at other times we need to hear something specific.

Catalyst Theatre Company does all this by presenting musicals, full-length plays, and one-act plays. We do that at seasonal events performed at community theaters and by touring to community centers, schools, churches, and prisons.

Founded by David and Michelle Potter in 1998, Catalyst Theatre Company is currently in the process of becoming a non-profit corporation to better serve its audiences. Catalyst is made up of volunteers from all over the Seattle area from all walks of life.


We provide quality theatrical entertainment by telling stories of faith, hope, and love as we build an artistic community that gives opportunities to grow in creativity and craft.


Theatre that brings hope and makes a difference

Board of Directors