Catalyst in 2019-2020

The Next Chapter

Catalyst Theatre is working toward becoming a nonprofit theatre company. We’ve assembled a great team and have elected a board of directors to help us achieve our mission:

To provide quality theatrical entertainment by telling stories of faith, hope, and love as we build an artistic community that gives opportunities to grow in creativity and craft.

and our vision:

Theatre that brings hope and makes a difference

As we do this, we are excited to move forward with…

Another World Premiere

Unto the Hills is a new, original musical from Tom Diffee, Denise Diffee, and Steve Richards, the creators of A Light in the Attic and the award winning Katie‚Äôs Hope.

Set in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in the year 1926, Unto the Hills tells the story of a community and a family in crisis. The town of Cades Cove may be swallowed up by the impending creation of a new National Park, and the tensions this has raised have led to tragedy for one family. With a powerful message about the nature of forgiveness, the musical also paints a picture of life in rural Appalachia with memorable characters, great music (from the creative genius of Steve Richards), a mysterious stranger, a little Christmas, and some fun with a pig named Clyde!

Getting Involved

If you missed the Informational Meeting on Tuesday, May 14, have no fear! You can find the information we shared by clicking on the links below.


The debut performances of Unto the Hills will be in November 2020. This will give us time to organize, raise funds, and do it all with excellence. We will use the cast to produce a promo video, shop scenes, and present selections to churches and groups of potential donors.

The exact schedule between now and then is still to be determined. We’ll start off with a one-day kickoff retreat on Saturday, July 13 when we’ll do a read through, and then we’ll meet at least once a month and maybe more frequently to prepare for the above-mentioned activities.