Cast of Characters for Unto the Hills

(in order of appearance)

Townsfolk of Cades CoveThe Ensemble, which includes kids in the town. (Ensemble could number as few as 12, as many as ?. Kids would be in addition to the 3 named below and could number anywhere from about 6 – 10.)
TuckerA stranger who comes into Cades Cove. Late 20s – early 30s. Soloist.
Pastor AltonCades Cove’s preacher. Cares a great deal about his community. Late 20s – early 70s. Possible soloist.
Goldie BThe proprietor of Cades Cove’s General Store. Mabel’s husband. 40s – 50s.
Eula Rae PlunkettCitizen of Cades Cove. A spinster and a bit of a busybody. Usually knows whatever is going on in town. 40s – late 50s. Soloist.
MabelGoldie B’s wife. Co-proprietor of the General Store. Eula Rae’s friend. 40s – 50s.
Sonny BoyA recently orphaned boy in town. Troubled and Angry. 8 – 10 (a “young” 10). Soloist.
Ruby Sue, JT (boy), Oshie (girl)Other kids in town, various ages from 6 or 7 to 12. Singers.
Callie RussellDaughter of Gregory and Elsie June Russell. The sweetest girl in town. 18 – 20. Soloist.
Hurst LandonOne of Cades Cove’s leading citizens. Another person who’s usually aware of the town’s business. Bachelor. 40s – late 50s. Soloist.
Benjamin RussellPatriarch of the Russell family. Father of Gregory (and father-in law of Elsie June); Grandfather of Callie and Hugh Kyle; Husband of Carolyn. Strong but gentle soul. 60s – 70s. Soloist.
Carolyn Mae RussellMatriarch of the Russell Family. Mother of Gregory (and mother-in-law of Elsie June); Grandmother of Callie and Hugh Kyle; Wife of Ben. Strong, but gentle and compassionate. 60s – 70s. Soloist.
Elsie June RussellWidow of Gregory Russell; Mother of Callie and Hugh Kyle. Sad and bitter. 40s. Soloist.
Hugh Kyle RussellSon of Gregory and Elsie June Russell. A hot-headed and troubled young man. Had a stormy relationship with his father. Late teens – Early 20s.