Catacombs Cast

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Catacombs.  We’re so excited to work with you all.

Character Cast
Sam John Brotnov
Kim Madelyn McCaughan
Ruth Ruth Stainer
Mary Michelle Potter
Amy Bethany Haugo
Peter Jordan-Michael Whidbey
Howard Sloan Jeff Strom
Jim Smith Tom Diffee
Luke Barry Stainer
Clayton Michael Potter
Bobby Nicholas Schumacher
Captain Slater Thomas Girgus
Williams Jim Schumacher
Jaxson Curtis Denmark
Officers Steve Baker
Erich Von Britton
Damon Comfort
Tom Harmer
Isaac Moore
Jacob Stuckey

Note:  We hope everyone understands that, in any audition process, the directors and producers are looking for the best fit in each role, and that, inevitably, some will not be chosen for a role, or for the role they desire.  If that should be the case, we hope that your audition experience was still a good one and that you will perhaps join us in another equally important capacity in this production.

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