Cast for A Light in the Attic

The production team is pleased to announce the cast for our production of A Light in the Attic.  Please know that the casting decisions were made with much thought and prayer, and with consideration for many different factors.  As I said last Sunday, these decisions are not judgements of acting ability, but are how we believe each person might fit best into this particular production at this particular time.  Much thanks to everyone who auditioned.  We hope that everyone understands that there are not always roles for every person who auditions, but we value your participation in the process nonetheless and hope there will, perhaps, be other ways to be involved and serve in other areas.

Thanks again!
Tom Diffee and the Production Team

Factory Workers/Household Staff/Children of Factory Workers
(singing and dancing ensemble)

WOMEN Denise Diffee Bethany Haugo Richelle Haugo
Cecily Houser Kara Garcia Laurie Lundberg
Hannah McCaughan Michelle Potter Pat Sween
Marsha Widell
MEN Rolf Dalke Chris James Reid Jarrell
Brian Matthewson David Potter Remington Secrist
CHILDREN Josi Haugo Lily Haugo Talia Jarrell
Madelyn McCaughan Avalyn Smith

Speaking Roles

Character Description Actor
Jeff Williams Barry Stainer
Lynette Williams Tracy Stevens
John MacFie Owner of the furniture factory Roger Wilson
Frank Jefferson Foreman of the furniture factory/member of the ensemble Bruce Fitzgerald
Emily Jefferson Secretary-bookkeeper of the furniture factory/member of the ensemble; Frank's daughter Jenny Buccola
Nettie Olsen Head seamstress of the furniture factory Peggy Baker
Ben Ellyson Young worker in the furniture factory/member of the ensemble Nick Schumacher
Vernon Wellstone Loan officer at the bank Thomas Girgus
Clara MacFie Daughter of John and Lora Ella Matthewson
Joe MacFie Son of John and Lora Caleb McCallum
Lora MacFie Wife of John Merry McCallum
Minnie Lytle Housekeeper in the MacFie home/member of the ensemble Molly Buccola
Mr. Templeton New butler in the MacFie home/member of the ensemble Dave Selvig
Winifred Schwientek The MacFie's cook and supervisor of the household staff/member of the ensemble Lynda Larsen
Andrew Roberts Stable hand and handyman for the MacFie home/member of the ensemble Michael Potter
Leticia Hanover (Aunt Letty) John's aunt Ruth Stainer
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