Solos, Trios, Quartets for I’ll Be Home for Christmas

We want to thank you all for auditioning for a solo, trio, or quartet.  We’re so glad so many of you came out.  It always hard for us to choose because we really want everyone to get the part they want.  Unfortunately, we can only have one person sing each solo and only 3 or 4 for each trio and quartet.  The good news is that there are enough parts so that everyone who auditioned gets a part.  If you didn’t get what you wanted this time, please try again next time.

Louise Van Dell Denise Diffee
Swingaires (mixed trio in Broadcast Christmas Carol Medley) Jordan Anderson, Reid Jarrell, Ashley Martinez
Olivia Orange Molly Buccola
Frankie Donatello Roger Wilson
Quackenbush Sisters Kara Garcia, Sue Timpe, Marsha Widell
Helen Foxworth Laurie Lundberg
Stella Ashton Melanie Jackson
The Dropettes (coffee commercial) Elli Haugo, Pam Hill, Michelle Potter
Station ID Damon Comfort, Cecily Houser, John Jones, Hannah McCaughan
Ricardo Fortsando Rolf Dalke
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