Cast for “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

We appreciate everyone who auditioned for I’ll Be Home for Christmas.  We were so pleased with the turnout and are so excited to work with everyone.

One thing I want everyone to understand is that these decisions are not judgements of acting ability but how we believe each person might fit best into this particular production at this particular time.  We hope  that everyone understands that there are not always roles for everyone person who auditions, but we value your participation in the process nonetheless and hope there will, perhaps, be other ways to be involved and serve in other areas.

Thanks again!
David Potter and the Production Team

Family Cast

Character Actor
Howard Dave Selvig
Norma Merry McCallum
Angie Bethany Haugo
Micky Aaron Seekins
Danny Seth Littrell
Sid Tom Diffee
Lil Tracy Stevens
Choir Director Reta Keeney

Radio Cast

Character Actor
Jerry Brainerd John Brotnov
Newscaster Tom Girgus
Buddy Burfiend Tom Diffee
Radio Actors & Tom Diffee Tom Girgus Lynda Larsen
Sound Effects Technicians Barry Stainer Tracy Stevens


WOMEN Jordan Anderson Molly Buccola Denise Diffee
Kara Garcia Elli Haugo Pam Hill
Cecily Houser Melanie Jackson Laurie Lundberg
Ashley Martinez Hannah McCaughan Michelle Potter
Sue Timpe Marsha Widell
MEN Damon Comfort Rolf Dalke Reid Jarrell
Ron Johnson John Jones Roger Wilson
KIDS Kylee Cook Mataya Cook Lauren Frank
Kaedon Garcia Kennedy Garcia Josie Haugo
Talia Jarrell

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