Announcing Katie’s Hope

Email from Tom Diffee on April 18, 2014:

Dear Friends ~

Nine years ago this past Sunday, April 13th, Denise and I stood on a dock in Ireland and were both inspired (at the same time) to write a Christmas Musical about the amazing spirit and journey of the Immigrants who fled Ireland during the famine of the 1800’s.

“Katie’s Hope” was born that day.

And after the addition of Lorilee Brasseur’s marvelous musical compositions, and the wonderful orchestral arrangements of Steve Richards, the process was complete.

Seven years ago that same Musical was scheduled for its first performances during that upcoming Christmas season.  As many of you know, much trial and tribulation ensued, and those performances never happened.  And a long, interesting, painful, frustrating, joyous (at times), sad (at times) exercise in patience and “waiting on the Lord” began.

Well now, as Katie herself, after enduring much of her own terrible trial and tribulation, would say, “God is good…God is truly good!”  We are extremely pleased to announce that “Katie’s Hope” will have its World Premier on November 20th, 2014 at Cedar Park Church in Bothell!  It will run for four performances on the 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd (the weekend before Thanksgiving…to serve as a kind of “kick-off” for the Christmas Season).

But before that, of course, there will be auditions, orientations …and a Stage Reading.  And to invite you to those events is the subject of this email.  Some of you were involved in, or attended the Stage Reading we held 7 years ago, and on Friday evening, May 9th we are going to present another one for all the good folk at Cedar Park (where the announcement was first made last Sunday evening), and any other interested parties.  The Reading will take place at 7:00 PM in the Chapel of the Resurrection on the Cedar Park campus.

And let me just say right here how grateful and indebted we are to Cedar Park Church – to Pastor Joe, Pastor Sue, and David and Michelle Potter (the leaders of Cedar Park’s Catalyst Theatre Company) – for stepping out in faith and taking a big chance on producing this Musical in partnership with us.  We couldn’t be more delighted to be working with this church, and believe that they will help us create a first-class production that reaches out to non-believers, and with the intent to honor and glorify our Lord, above all!

The Stage Reading on 5/9 will include a short Orientation which will detail the times, dates, and particulars for the auditions, as well as the rehearsal and production schedule.  We would love it if you all could make it to the Reading, but in the event that you can’t be there, don’t worry, we will be sending out subsequent emails with the information presented that night.

Also…this Reading and Orientation are NOT just for those folks interested in performing on stage in the Musical.  We would like for ANYONE who is interested in ANY aspect of the production – sets, costumes, promotion, etc., etc. – to attend.  As well as those who just want to see what it’s all about.  We are encouraging anyone who is thinking, this next Fall, of bringing an un-churched or non-believing friend or family member (which is, after all, our principle motivation for mounting the production) to come give a listen in the hopes that knowing exactly What they are inviting their friends to will make it more comfortable for them to extend that invitation.

So, in addition to inviting all of you to the Reading, I would encourage you to reach out and invite any other folks from your church, or others, who might be interested in becoming involved, or in promoting this production among their congregations.

As you can probably imagine, we’re very excited about this opportunity the Lord has provided to finally get “Katie’s Hope” up on the stage and in front of an audience.  And we hope you will join us in the prayer that God will be with us as we move forward in all aspects of production, and that He will be able to use this Musical, in a mighty way, to further the goals of His Kingdom!  And, if you can be there, we look forward to seeing you on May 9th!

“…It’s hope, Katie.  Hope is the anchor for your soul when you don’t have anything else to cling to.”

Happy Easter to you all!
Tom and Denise Diffee
Mark Lewis

A personal note posted on Facebook by Denise:

For all you who know us, many may also know that 9 years ago, as we stood on a dock in Cobh, Ireland, a story, a musical, “Katie’s Hope”, was born out of God’s inspiration and our imagination.  A story about Irish immigrants going to America to find a better life, in 1847.  A story about hope and joy in the midst of horrible conditions, tragedy, and grief.  A story of redemption.  You may also know that our journey with this story has been almost as tumultuous as the immigrants had themselves.  But through it all,”God is good!  He is truly good!”, and at long last, we are happy to announce, “Katie’s Hope” is going to be performed!!  The wonderful people at Cedar Park Church, in Bothell, have graciously offered to partner with us on this world premiere!!  It will be in November, as a kick off to the holiday season.  But before that, we need to get a cast together.  You have been such a support to us all these years and will never know how much it has meant to us!  How we would love to work with you again!  We would ask that you support us with lots of prayers during the next few months!  (A huge added blessing – we have a certified Irish dance teacher that is going to choreograph the whole thing!!  Come join the fun!)  And spread the word to all you know!  Everyone is welcome!

— Tom and Denise Diffee

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